About Us


The Well is a place for people to come together for nourishing food and drinks in North Oakland. The owner, Anwen, has created a menu inspired by her Chinese heritage, Bay Area upbringing, and background in herbal studies. Our mission is to create offerings that facilitate deeper connection and nourishment for ourselves, our communities, and the earth. We believe in reciprocal relationships, which is why we offer a pay-what-you-can meal every day. We source from local farmers, chefs, and makers. We also offer a retail line centered around health and wellness. 


  • Do you have wifi? 
    • We have wifi Monday-Friday. We shut off our wifi on the weekends and have select laptop free tables at all times. 
  • Do you have outdoor seating?
    • Yes, we have outdoor seating right in front of The Well. Please come and enjoy the outdoors, we are dog friendly outside as well!
  • Do you deliver?
    • Yes, we deliver through various delivery services! Please check our menu pages for more details
  • What is your karma bowl and karma drink?
    • We offer a daily karma bowl and karma drink that are “pay what you can” options in order to keep healthy food accessible to the entire community. The suggested price for the karma bowl is $12 and for the karma drink is $3. You can choose your price at the register. The price options range from $0-$20. Each time you choose to pay above the suggested price, it directly supports us in offering karma meals at lower prices. Thank you for being a part of a community-centered economy!