​Elderberry Spotlight

​Elderberry Spotlight

Jan 30th 2020

Elderberry Plant

Caught the cold? A dose of elderberry may be in order. The elderberry is a multifunctional berry worth your medicinal and kitchen pantry space. It is a natural remedy, supervitamin, and tasty flavoring.


Elderberries (Sambucus) have held their fair share in ancient folklore, legends, and medicinal records. Wherever the great elder tree is, there is surely a mentioning of fairies, goblins, or witches to complete its aura of enchantment. Even Harry Potter accesses its magically properties through the Elder Wand. While it will forever hold a place in fairytales, it is also renowned as a key component of “Father of Medicine” Hippocrates’ medicine chest. From Ancient Greece to the Native Americans, the elder plant has been universally touted for its powerful healing abilities. Not only that, elderflower syrup is known a popular addition to a variety of beverages around Europe.


  • As a nitrogen-dependent plant, it is found around biodegradable waste.
  • It commonly springs up near farms and homesteads.
  • It is not too picky about its growing conditions and will grow anywhere it can get sufficient sunlight.
  • Depending on the geographical location, elderberry plants vary in color, size, and composition of nutrients.
  • It can be found in practically every inhabitable continent, but has a dominant variety depending on the place.

Health Benefits

  • Cold and Flu buster: Elderberries contains anthocyanins, which are effective immune system boosters. It also is anti-inflammatory and helps with sinus problems. As a whole, it covers nearly all cold and flu symptoms.
  • Diuretic: Elderberries help flush out the system.
  • For Healthy, Glowing Skin: Elderberries are rich in bioflavonoids, antioxidants, and vitamin A - a spectacular combination for healthy skin.
  • Allergy reducer: Courtesy of elderberry’s anti inflammatory properties, it does double duty boosting your immune system and calming inflammation.

How it is Prepared:

Elderberry may be a plant in which its universality is matched by its versatility. From being a cure-all in 17th century Britain to starring in the French liqueur St. Germain, elderberries aren’t just in your typical cup of tea. Make an elderberry syrup to give your dishes a fruity touch with a heaping dose of wellness. You can also trade out your apples for an elderberry pie. Whatever your taste buds are craving at the moment, I am sure you can sneak some elderberries into it.