• How to Make Fire Cider

    Mar 2nd 2021

    How to Make Fire Cider

    Fire cider comes from a lineage of many traditional folk recipes that have been used for generations as immunity boosting tonics. However, in 2014 the company Shire City Herbals trademarked the term “…

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  • Elderberry Spotlight

    Mar 2nd 2021

    Elderberry Spotlight

    Elderberry SpotlightCaught the cold? A dose of elderberry may be in order. The elderberry is a multifunctional berry worth your medicinal and kitchen pantry space. It is a natural remedy, supervitamin…

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  • An Introduction to Chinese Tea

    Feb 15th 2014

    An Introduction to Chinese Tea

    History of Chinese TeaAccording to Chinese legend, tea was an accidental discovery. In 2737 BC, Emperor Shen Nong was sitting down to a break with his army when leaves from a wild tree landed in his c…

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